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Solid Brass Ships Bell Clock

Ships Bell clock Solid Lacquered Brass code #shipsbell
AUD$330 Sorry, no longer available
Click clock to enlarge Shows the time and chimes every half hour, 1 to 8 bells, in 4 hour rotations starting at midnight.

Size: Features:
95mm (3.7") dial
140mm (5.5") base
2.75" deep including turnbuckle
Weight: 1.2Kgs- ( 2.6 lbs)
High quality ships 8 bell brass clock. Heavy, high quality brass case, authentic marine fittings - turnbuckles and hinge, machined back, heavy beveled glass crystal face. The design matches our brass time-tide clocks and barometers

The origin of the ships bell clock, comes from the 4 hour "watch" that a sailor would undertake. Every half hour the sailor would strike a bell to indicate that all is well. The number of bells also tells you the time. The first watch starts at midnight, so at 1.30am the clock will chime 3 bells, at 4am at the end of the first watch, it will chime 8 bells. ie it chimes and adds 1 bell every half hour. You only have to count the bells to know exactly what the time is. Has a volume control and a night on/off switch so it doesn't chime while you are asleep.

Sorry this clock is no longer available

Manufacturer offers a five year warranty on defective parts. Not warranted against sea-salt corrosion.

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